Sponsor Feature – Civiltec Engineering, Inc.

Civiltec engineering, inc., is a team of world-class engineers that utilize state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking to provide service of the highest quality.

Since 1986, they have cultivated regional expertise in civil engineering, offering seven key service lines: Civil Engineering, Water Engineering, Wastewater Engineering, Drainage Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, and Land Surveying.

With team members in three offices in California and Arizona, Civiltec is well positioned to serve clients throughout the southwest with regular site visits and hands-on project management.

Approximately 90% of their work is with public agencies and of that, approximately 85% is related to work directly for water purveyors.

Civiltec is under annual contract with several public and quasi-public agencies to provide planning, engineering, and construction management services.

“We see every endeavor as an opportunity to devise new, dynamic solutions to real-world challenges and above all, we value our relationships,” commented David Byrum, President, Civiltec Engineering.

Civiltec Engineering is proud sponsor of CUEMA.

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